1. EW-001

    June 11, 2017

    Here it is, Custom Archtop, EW-001

    European Spruce Top- Supplied by Stew Mac

    European Flame Maple Back and sides- Supplied by Stew Mac

    Flame Rock maple and Qld Walnut Laminate neck

    Ebony Fretboard, Pickgaurd and headplate

    Lollar Charlie Christian and Gold Foil Pickups

    Compton Brass Bridge

    25.5″ scale

    17″ lower Bout

    Stainless steel Frets with Zero Fret

    Photo’s by Tom Ford Photography

    Basic EW model start from $8500

  2. TH-001

    June 26, 2016

  3. Henry Wagons Live at Boogie 7

    April 27, 2013

    These Amazing Photo’s were Taken on the the very first outing of  Henry’s Signature Guitar at Boogie festival in Victoria Easter weekend 2013. Photo’s Courtesy of   Tony Proudfoot of  Freetoeknee Photography.  Check out Tony’s other work on Facebook ( Freetoeknee photography) for more awesome live photo’s.

  4. Henry Wagons Signature Guitar

    February 12, 2013

    This  I made for the inimitable Henry Wagons, frontman for The Wagons. The features Include European spruce top and european white Maple back and sides with maple and walnut laminate neck. TV Jones T-armond pickups, Kallquist Guitars original leather belt edging gretsch bigsby and of course Henry Wagons Inlaid up the fretboard in mother of pearl.  Two words Killer Tone.  This model is for sale Obviously without Henry’s name inlaid up the board, It would also look fantastic with Chrome hardware.  PRICE $4850.  keep checking back for progress on a smaller spruce topped electric archtop which is currently in the design phase!!

    Photo’s  courtesy of  the very talented Ralee Winks from Pencilcase.com.au

  5. Captain Beefwood

    January 19, 2012

    Here is my latest custom electric guitar. This one is going to my cousin Louis over in the UK. African Mahogany body with a carved Beefwood cap. The Beefwood was given to me by my late grandfather he milled it from a tree off  my folks old cattle property out at Taroom. The neck is mahagony and indian rosewood laminate, ebony fingerboard and faceplate.  This  Guitar is super versatile you name it can be played on it, a nice big airy open sound to Crunching rock,  It absolutely nails the neil young sound and you could damn near have it as an acoustic.

  6. Gun

    September 14, 2011

    Gun, Inspired by the old Gretsch Roundups. Huon Pine carved top, Mahogany back and neck, hand embossed leather belt edging and Spaghetti Western themed Pyrographic Cowboy scene.

    Fitted with TV Jones P-90 pickups, and a Gretsch Bigsby

    Live photo’s by Sigrid Sargoski check out her amazing work here www.sigridsagorski.com