1. TH Series

    June 24, 2017

    Insiperd by the Gretsch solidbodies the TH is available in many options please contact to discuss.

    Starting from $4000

  2. TM Series

    June 24, 2017

    The TM Started out as a Custom order for an oversized OM style Guitar. Mid way through the build I decided it was a model that was going to stay in the Kallquist Guitars Line and has since become the most popular model. Very nicely Balanced with a nice big round bottom end. Works well in a 12 string Format as well.

    25.4″ Scale Length

    6 String start from $6000

    12 String from $6500

  3. CC Series

    June 24, 2017

    The CC series is the latest model  to be added to the ever growing Kallquist Guitars Model line. The CC is based off what is to my eye one of the most Beautiful of guitars the Gibson L-00. My take is braced slightly different and has all the Kallquist Guitars appointments and headstock. These little Guitars Have an amazing amount of Bass and sustain for such a small body all while keeping a beautiful balance.

    Pricing starting from $6000AUD

  4. CB Series

    June 24, 2017

    The CB’s are similar dimensions to an OM though slightly wider in the bouts and with more rounded sloping shoulders. they are also deeper in the body, all this equates to an all round well balanced instrument with more than enough punch. These really are a great all round instrument they do however excel as a fingerpicker. Starting Price $6000.

  5. CE Series

    June 24, 2017


    The CE Series is my take on the classic  Pre War Dreadnoughts with the same basic dimensions and forward shifted bracings with a few Kallquist Guitars tweaks inside the box that result in a more Balanced Dread without losing any of the power that Dreadnoughts are famed for. Starting price $6000

  6. LVC Series

    June 24, 2017

    The LVC Series has been an ever evolving Slope shouldered beast. Now based off what is maybe my dream guitar the famed Gibson Advanced Jumbo. All the power and Boom you could want coupled with clarity and balance will Rival any dread. 25.5″ scale length. Starting price of $6000